Dear Diary...

Hello, 2017!

Hello, beautiful people! It’s a New Year again and the new beginning. Even though I made few mistakes, I have to admit that 2016 was a beautiful year. I’ve got a chance to attend and review gigs of amazing singers and bands like Tinie Tempah, Simply Red and others. I’ve met inspiring people like David Beckham, Goldie Hawn, Naomi Campbel, Jude Law to mention few. But now it is time to create new plans and to meet new people.

We all know that it is always difficult to stick to our goals and resolutions so I needed to come up with something I could stick through the year and enjoy doing.  So I gave some thoughts, did a little research and came up with few things.

Experience as much things as possible. Last year I had writer’s block for a while so I did not write my blog as much as I wanted. Also gaining a new experience helps to improve life and become a bit happier.

Fear and do it anyway. I admit I lost few opportunities because I was afraid I don’t have enough knowledge or experience.  Last year I’ve read one book that helped me with an idea how to fight with my fears and experience a lot of great things. Book called “God Always Travels Incognito” by Laurent Gaunelle. The main hero lives dull, boring life. He meets a wise man who offers to help to change his life. The wise man gives hero tasks that help to change the mindset and to fear but do it anyway.  I’ve decided to do some of those tasks myself and to see how it will change my life. I will reveal the results in upcoming posts.

Give more attention to my blog and specializeSince I started my blog back in 2009, it brought me so many good experiences and opportunities. So I’ve decided to write more in 2017. But I will try to specialize in one or two areas and to write about it more because it will introduce me as an expert and it will open me more opportunities.

Network on purpose. I love meeting new people but during past years I realized that quality is better than quantity. This year I plan to focus on meeting people who will help me to full fill my dreams and goals.

So, these are my main focus this year. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see and to read about my adventures and experiences.

Hello, 2017! I am ready!




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