Music is one of the things that we could not live without. That’s why we celebrate it every day by awarding best singers, songwriters and others who help beautiful songs to reach our ears. I personally never heard about any kind of remix awards until recently. I have been invited to B-Side Remix Awards at the largest studio in the world Metropolis Studios. B-Side website explains the reason to recognize best remixes:  “Successful and popular remix tracks encourage the interest in original tracks, to the point where an artist or band has found their first break due to an alternative version of their song. In addition to this, syncing agreements within the advertising and film industries have provided amazing opportunities for artists (think of all Levi’s ads and the success of the tracks used within them).”

The event started with the networking while the guests enjoyed drinks and delicious canapes. Before the award ceremony began, people got the chance to enjoy live music from talented singers Garfield Mayor, Damson Jones, and Bebox. Too Many T’s were performing after awards and Krystal Roxx was a DJ for the event.  I liked that the awards ceremony was intimate but also full of well-known names in music industry. Awards were hosted by Hip-Hop duo “Too Many T’s”, presented by music professionals like Laroux, Talvin Singh, Estelle Rubio, and others.  Hands up for the B-Side awards for recognizing the best female producer. Catnip & Claws won this award and also became one of the ten best remixes authors.

Check more about the awards and the winners at B-Side website.

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