Radar Is Back!

On Thursday I enjoyed a beautiful music night in London. I attended Radar, music industry night organized by the best music professionals in London from Music Week, Music Connex and iluvlive. They introduced six new up & coming acts from the different genres. This time organisers chose duets and male acts. Unfortunately, I was being late due to my prior commitments so I’ve got the chance to enjoy the performance only from four acts. And they were amazing.

Musical Acts

It seems that Cameron Bloomfield impressed the public most. No surprise! His powerhouse vocal and multi-instrumentalist abilities are truly impressive. Cameron started his performance playing keyboards and later switched to the guitar. The audience enjoyed every song. Personally, I believe he is a better singer than Ed Sheeran. And more handsome! As a fashion blogger, I noticed the statement on Cameron’s t-shirt too. It said, “The Met Police are targeting London venues”. It seems like a little protest…

Speaking about fashion and protests, I was amazed by the “Nova Twins”. Punk duet is on the way to the stardom. I really like how seriously they take their career. Girls did their homework and looked like punk stars and sounded like punk stars. Their whole image was well made. Nova Twins is a unique band and very original. In these days it is quite a difficult job. Actually, the performance of “Nova Twins” made me think about riots and remember the articles I’ve read about the Russian band “Pussy Riots”. At this point, the statement on Cameron Bloomfield t-shirt makes a lot of sense.

Joy Crookes introduced a different image. 17-year old performed few catchy and engaging songs. Her outfit was well chosen too. Cropped shirts and white jeans with a floral embroidery went well with melodic dreamy voice and only fishnet  under witnessed about the maverick soul that will show us much more in the feature… Well, I can’t wait to see…

Matt Wills was the headliner of the show. He presented romantic and sensitive songs with a little touch of electronica to the audience. It was a beautiful ending to the show.

Acts I Did Not See

Two acts I didn’t get a chance to see was “Miller Blue” and “Off Colour”. I made one photo of the “Off Colour” as they were performing the last song. You can see it in the gallery. In the meantime, I look forward seeing all the acts performing again. You can check more information on Music Connex website.

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