Every time when I am being asked if it is worth to start a blog, I say ‘yes’. It is a great tool to showcase portfolio, to demonstrate the skills, to learn new skills and to meet new interesting people.  However, writing a blog sometimes can even more difficult and demanding job than any other. Young people inspired by the stories of famous bloggers/vloggers like Zoella, Blonde Salad believe that they can achieve the same or even more… But soon some of them get disappointed. Because nothing happens quickly and success doesn’t come per night. Others decide to make blog their source of money from the beginning and start charging not just per ads/banners but posts too before becoming expert in the field. Once I was shocked when a so-called blogger wanted to charge me a lot of money for an HONEST review about the band I am working with (those who know me, know that I love promoting others even more than myself). Funny part was that when I checked her blog and haven’t found single review about any other band. Plus she didn’t have many followers on social media. So what value she was planning to provide me and the band?

It seems I am not the only one who feels like that about the bloggers. In February 2012, professional stylist Mary Fellowes wrote about fashion bloggers on thegoodwebguide.co.uk: ‘The “bloggerazzi” have turned fashion week into an ugly circus of attention seeking wannabes, feeding and fuelling the egos of its subjects with flashbulbs for sustenance… An army of apparent nobodies has swelled in numbers, taking over the front line, making entering into the show like running the gauntlet. More often than not clad in outlandish and forced looking outfits, they have adopted the customs of the paparazzi but sadly they have none of the clout.’

If you want to blog, do it! But do it for the right reasons!

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