Once upon a time beautiful girl lived in small town. She had a very wise grandfather. There was rumor he can see the future. One day grandpa visited young girl and warned her that bad day is coming and it’s called “Black Friday”. “Only thing can save us is one of three rings from the place called H.Samuel which exist from 19th century. They certainly know how to make magical rings.” – told old man to his granddaughter. However old man didn’t know where to find H.Samuel…









Young girl decided to save her little town from disaster called “Black Friday”. First she traveled to Vilnius. Unfortunately she didn’t find there a place called H.Samuel. Then she went to Amsterday. Failure again! Girl was very tired…. She bought a sandwich and went to park to eat it. Suddenly girl saw a homeless woman. Girl had good heart so she gave her sandwich to a woman. They started chattin and girl complained to a homeless that she can not find a place called  H.Samuel. Woman was able to help her. “H.Samuel is in London.” – she told to a beautiful girl. Happy girl went to London and got the rings. She also found out that “Black Friday” is not a bad day. It’s just the day when people can buy things cheaper and share them with family and friends. “All rings will bring luck. You don’t need to choose just one” – londoners told the girl. “And you don’t have to travel so far. If you wanna ring, just go online and choose what you want.” – added they. Beautiful girl was happy. She decided to keep one ring and to give two other rings to good people – homeless woman who helped her and wise grandfather.

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