First Tuesday of the month was dedicated for special musical night, known as Metropolis Sessions. Guests enjoyed four beautiful performances from Ivan Proctor, Natalie Shay, rumHoney and K-Syran. Different range of genres pleased every guest.

Young singer – songwriter Ivan Proctor started the musical evening at Metropolis Sessions with melodical calm songs. His talent was already recognised by BASCA ACM (for those who don’t know BASCA is British Academy Of Songwriters Composers And Authors) which awarded him with songwriting scolarship. 16 years old BRIT school student Natalie Shay was the next one on stage and her songs were more energetic but rumHoney brought back listeners to the relaxing almost melancholic mood. To be honest rumHoney bit surprised me. I was told band plays old school rock but their sound was rather folky which I enjoyed very much. Later I’ve got chance to chat with one of band’s members who told me that sound was bit different because it was accoustic version. Last act was well chosen to finish the evening. Singer/songwriter Norvegian Katrina Syran or K-Syran charmed guests of Metropolis Studios with dance pop rythms and I believe inspired some of the people to continue evening at the club dancing ;). Katrina was accompanied by DJ and hip hop artist from Switzerland Dr. Koul. One of the songs K-Syran performed is the new single You Don’t Love Me Anymore which was recorded at Metropolis Studios. Don’t forget to check. It’s a beautiful song.

Event took part at iconic Metropolis Studios in Chiswick where many famous artists like Queen, Adele, Amy Winehouse and many others recorded their hits. Metropolis Sessions is an industry invite-only event and I am always proud to be invited.

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