champagneThe Ace of Spades luxurious champagne brand owned and operated by notorious rapper Jay-Z is set to release in October. The bottle will retail for double that of the iconic Ace of Spades Gold Bottle with a price tag of $760. 

The expensive drink is packaged in a shiny silver bottle complete with an embossed Ace of Spades embossed logo. To add to the exclusivity of the pinot nor champagne’s release, only 3,000 bottles will be made and sold worldwide. Like Krug’s Grande Cuvée, the blanc de noirs is “multi-vintage” (a more upscale way to say nonvintage), based on the years 2008, 2009, and 2010. The former, though, goes for a trifling $150 to $200.

 Ace of Space champagne was featured in Jay Z’s lavish 2006 music video Show Me What You Got. In the video, as Jay Z peruses his cards at a gaming table in Monte Carlo, a waiter presents a bottle of Cristal. The rapper waves it away, then accepts a shiny gold bottle of then-obscure Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades from the silvery briefcase he’d carried into the casino. It seems 50 Cent likes Ace of Spade Champagne too. It was mentioned in one of his songs: “Ace of Spade bubblin’ / Drink it from the bottle, who the f— need a bucket?” 

Info and photo from Bloomberg.


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