I must admit I was rather excited when I received and an invitation to review Gigi’s, an Italian Restaurant in Mayfair. I’ve got the chance to attend a party there before and I was impressed with an atmosphere. It reminded me a bit of living room of a fashionista (look photos below). It is decorated with fresh flowers, statues, and many fashion & art books. The place was filled with celebrities who enjoyed cocktails and delicious canapes (read about the party in one of my previous posts).


gigis 7

gigis 8
When I visited Gigi’s second time, it was late afternoon and the place was a quiet. I was greeted immediately and didn’t have to wait long until my food arrived. The waiter brought me a selection of pieces of bread and butter immediately. It was a little discovery for me as I never tried green or such a black bread before. It was delicious and it was a great start of my little brunch.

gigis 2
gigis 1
I’ve heard that Gigi’s has a great selection of wines so I chose  Sauvignon Blanc (most of the times I don’t drink red wine). For my meal, I chose Lobster Linguini and it was absolutely perfect. I always like anything with pasta and Linguini didn’t disappoint me. Aroma, food texture and taste went well together and with lobster together it was absolutely delicious.

gigis 3
I try to eat healthy food but never say never to dessert and especially if it is made with chocolate. To be honest I wanted to choose Tiramisu which is my favorite dessert and I am usually looking this dessert in the menus first (I’ve even tried Tiramisu with Nutella in one of Paris restaurants but it’s the different story). After the short conversation with one of the waitresses, I was convinced to try Chocolate Mondrian dessert. I recommend it highly as it is dessert with little delicious surprise. They put two little pieces of ice cream on the top of the cake which I thought was some kind of cream or mouse. Dessert simply melted in my mount. I can’t wait to come back to Gigi’s to eat it again or maybe to try Tiramisu.

gigis 5

gigis 4

Gigi’s Restaurant – Mayfair venue for Italian food with plenty of modern twists, based in one of the little streets just off the Oxford Street is a perfect place to eat for modern fashionista after a shopping spree in Oxford Street or Bond Street. I am looking forward to coming back there again.

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