Metropolis Session

Every month I attend Metropolis Session – an exclusive, strictly invitation showcase where only the best unsigned or newly singed artists and bands perform. Last Metropolis Session was no exception. Four exquisite girls amazed public with their performances… Let me introduce them to you.

She has always been immersed rhyme, wordplay and visual media. Her fluid vocal style is laced with Soul, Funk, and Modern Electro and is complete with a distinctive London twang. Recent press coverage includes interviews with Hunger Magazine, SME and an exclusive acoustic performance for MOBO Awards Sessions.

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Phillippa is a singer/songwriter from Sweden. Her music is very personal and she always writes about experiences she’s gone through in life. After 5 years in London, studying and singing, she is currently working together with a producer on her first EP that will be released later this year.

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Born in Sweden to an Iranian father and a Swedish mother Amanda has been putting songs on paper ever since she first learned to write at the age of 6. She draws inspiration from her own life experiences as well as those around her, whether she’s writing for herself  as an artist or for someone else. She’s therefore very diverse and enjoys writing about a variety of things in many different genres.

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Speech Debelle is special. Soulful and raw. Her Mercury win has enabled her to actively pursue issues close to her heart and as such she has promoted equality and opportunity to people at the top with her frequent visit to Number 10 and Parliament representing the voice of her peer; a voice which can be heard throughout her work. Her intention is to be around for a long time as an artist who speaks her mind and makes valid observations where most don’t.

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We also got chance to explore Metropolis studios and to see where artists and bands like Queen, Adele, Amy Winehouse and others recorded their most famous hits… They have there piano which belonged to legendary Freddie Mercury.

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